The 2022 Saloon Stock Car World Championship takes place at Skegness Raceway on October 8th. 

Following the cut-off date for the calculation of World Rankings, the grid for the World Final is confirmed as follows:

The Grid
Outside Rows Inside
600 Barry Russell 1 349 Michael Allard
670 Ross Watters 2 902 Brad Compton-Sage
618 Stuart Shevill Jr 3 399 Cole Atkins
NI711 Anthony McIvor 4 H868 Bart Wouters
730 Deane Mayes 5 389 Ryan Santry
85 Kyle Irvine 6 131 Timmy Barnes
H16 Jeremy van der Kraats 7 NI747 Matt Stirling
525 Wes Starmer 8 561 Aaron Totham
171 Adam O'Dell 9 126 Harry Barnes
NI153 Ryan Wright 10 H424 Patrick Rutters
84 Carl Boswell 11 120 Luke Dorling
277 Jack Grandon 12 677 Warren Darby
5 Tam Rutherford Jr 13 684 Ian McLaughlin
38 Barry Glen 14 341 Austen Freestone
329 Kegan Sampson 15 570 Simon Venni
H210 Faybien Martens 16 NI719 Dylan Booth
LC R2 1st 17 LC R1 1st
LC R1 2nd 18 LC R2 2nd
LC R2 3rd 19 LC R1 3rd


Further details regarding booking-in deadlines, etc, will be confirmed in due course.

Skegness Raceway will reveal full details about the Saloon Stock Car World Championship weekend during the course of the next few weeks, including opening times, pre-meeting entertainment, camping, late night bar and Disco etc

We look forward to seeing you all soon!