2023 Event Guide listed below, no events are hidden if you can't see an event on a certain date we don't have one on that day.
some formulas may be subject to change. Please Confirm before travelling.
Formula details can be found in the info section on here
Listed are start times, opening and approx end times are listed in the event previews when available.
Date Details  
01st October 2023 13:00 Pre 90s 1600 Bangers Scott Graves
Pre 90 1600 Bangers, Lady Rookie Bangers Gold Roof, National Ministox, Junior Bangers
07th October 2023 18:00
08th October 2023 12:00
October Speed Weekend
Sat - BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2, BriSCA V8 European Championship
Sun - BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2, 2L Saloons, Micro F2
22nd October 2023 13:00 Mid Term Holiday Action
Rookie Bangers Storr Family Trophy, 1300 Saloons, Gold Roofs for GT Hotrods and Junior Rods
26th October 2023 19:00 Halloween Spooktacular
Big Thunder Monster Truck Car Crushing* to be confirmed
BriSCA F2, Junior Bangers
05th November 2023 13:00 Massive £10000 Firework Display
Banger Caravan Destuction Derby
BriSCA F2, Rookie Bangers Under 25 Championship, 1300 Saloons, GT hotrods
18th November 2023 17:00 BriSCA Gala Night
BriSCA F1, BriSCA V8 Hotstox, National Ministox