Transponder update
Over the winter we had to upgrade the AMB transponder system to the new X2 system which cost several thousand pounds.
Since the upgrade a number of transponders haven’t worked on the new system, we have been in contact with AMB today to resolve the problems,
The new X2 system will only work with the new X2 car transponders not the kart X2 or the mx X2 transponders, some of these did work on the old system last year.
This update was completely out with our control.
We tried to get a deal for those that had already paid subscriptions but to no avail.
The best we could get was a 20% on the cost of the X2 Car transponders.
Currently the only transponders that work on the next system are the Car X2 and the pre X2 transponders (no time scale on how long that will last)
We won’t be forcing anyone to upgrade straight away and we will review this in time
We will continue to lap score manually.