Monster Truck

We have a brand new Monster Truck coming for 2023. Direct from the USA
No 'official' name as yet but it a special build with passanger seats behind the driver!
More info on the truck can be found on the
Monster Experience page on facebook by clicking here

Banger Caravans

You ain’t seen nothing yet till you see a Banger Caravan Destruction Derby at Skegness Raceway! 6 bangers towing touring caravans bent of destroying each other! Check out the event guide for the next wrecking race!

Broke FMX Motocross stunt team

Prepare to be amazed by this awesome duo of Jon Pearson and his team, UK’s No 1 freestyle motocross display team, they will perform all sort of stunts including their famous back flip at heights of 80ft.

A jaw dropping display that will entertain all the spectators and keep you cheering for more action. See fixture list for their next performance.

Street Bikes

Two brothers Motorbike Stunt Team, Vandall & Todd on two road going motorbikes, perform stunts on the track in front of you, you can smell the fuel, smell the tyres and be up close to the action.

Vandal has been busy over the years doubling for Dermot O’Leary on the X Factor Final, where Dermot arrived on a bike and wheelied onto the stage in front of ten million people, well that was Vandal.  Vandal also performed in the music video for “Take That” in the autumn, also in the blockbuster film “London has Fallen”

Domino Stunt

Another of our great stunts here at Skegness Raceway! We line up 4/5 cars for our mad banger driver to drive through!