Drivers Info
Booking now open for the rest of the Season
24th Oct – Rookie Bangers, 1300 Saloons, GT Hotrods, Junior Rods and Junior Bangers
30th Oct – Double Decker Bangers, BriSCA F2, Rookie Bangers & Lady Rookie Bangers
7th Nov – Banger Caravans (now fully booked), BriSCA F2, Rookie Bangers, 1300 Saloons & GT Hotrods
Visiting formulas via your normal route

Drivers please note when booking we require
1- Date of event
2- Full Name
3- Formula 
4- Race Number

Booking will close a couple of days before each event you can’t turn up on spec. Also some events may have limited booking.
No extra vehicles in the pits.
Advance tickets can no longer be used at the pitgate. Each driver can only have a max of six wristbands all others will have to go to the turnstiles.
Drivers Please book in on:
text: 07798 868947 (Race Booking only no questions etc)
phone: 07881 021058 (calls only, no texts)
YOUR BOOKING WILL ONLY BE TAKEN IF YOU HAVE SENT US ALL THE INFO REQUIRED also book using one of the above not all three, thanks


2021 licence forms now online. Also log books are not posted out they are ready to collect at your first meeting.

2021 Car Specs
1300 Saloons, Rookie Bangers, GT Hotrods & Junior Rods now online, rest to follow. Any questions please contact a scrutineer, numbers below.

All 1300 Saloons and GT Hotrods that race at Skegness Raceway require to be fitted with an AMB Transponder. More details are on the rules for each formula. Please ensure you get the correct transponder if buying an X2 transponder you must get the car one. Any questions please ask before you buy.

In all formulas (except adult Banger formula's, so our own 1300 Saloons, GT Hotrods, Junior Rods & Junior Bangers will need them ) drivers must have a RACEceiver device fitted, The RACEceiver device for Drivers is being mandated at ORCi tracks all over the country. This small communication device is revolutionising the industry, making the sport safer for both the drivers and officials. It saves time by allowing officials to talk to all the drivers at the same time and lets you get on to more racing. The officials can warn drivers about accidents or debris on the track and to ensure the correct driver is excluded should a black flag be needed.
Suggested Raceceiver is the RACEceiver Fusion+ available at many outlets on the internet, they do not come with earphones, so you will need to supply a set of in-ear earphones with a 3.5mm plug. The channel to tune into is 952, any probs please get in touch.
We won’t be stocking them in our Track Shop but they are available from

For Scrutineering and Technical/rules questions please contact the Scrutineers direct
Ian Mitchell 07784 495140 Chris Lowe 07717 378908, Martin Lightbown 07506 321937

All new 1300 Saloons, GT Hotrods & Junior Rods need a premeeting Scrutineering before they can race. There is a £25 charge for this payable to the Scrutineers on the day. 

Junior Drivers (11 to 15 year old)
There is both a written and a driving test for new drivers before they can race, please contact the office to book. This can't be done on a race day.

Practice/Track Hire
Available Mon to Fri 10am to 4pm (no weekends available) MUST BE PREBOOKED on either 07881 021058 (no texts and the phone isn't on 24/7) or please note limited number can attend due to current Covid-19 regulations, more details when you book. Cost is £40 per car/driver, no car sharing due to current guidelines.
When enquiring about Practice please state the day you would like to practice and the name and number of the driver plus the formula. Thanks.