Junior Banger World Championship Result

The result of the Junior Banger World Final will be as the cars crossed the line which results are 1st 450 Blake Platts, 2nd 999 Louie Cottrill, 3rd 90 Joey Holmes Jnr & 4th 156 Levi Oughton.

The reason for the investigation was that the top four cars had catalytic converters fitted in the original place but had no inner parts within them. Apparently, this was passed two or three years ago because as we know cats do fall to bits so cars can end up with no guts inside them and not even know it. The rule needs verifying on this as it is not written properly within the rule book and some cars may have the catalytic converter fitted half-way down the car underneath where they cut these off and replace them with a silencer.

There was another enquiry about the 450 car on the front spring. After doing all my investigation and luckily I have a friend who works for Nissan there are four or five different front springs on the K11 Micra therefore this is not illegal either but we will be changing the rule for next year to whichever spring is fitted on the one side must be symmetrical with the other side but I must remind everyone that the spring on the 450 car was a K11 Micra spring.

I think everyone must agree that there has never been a strip down as thorough as we did on Saturday before and I would like to thank my scrutineers Andy Tidmarsh and Phil Morris for all the hard work and a brilliant attitude they had plus I would like thank the fathers for their good attitudes towards the situation also. So, before people start with rumours this result is final.

Deane Wood
Spedeworth / Incarace Promoter